Bicycle Annapolis County

Meadowvale / Nictaux Falls Loop

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Last Modified: 11 Apr 2019
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Located In Annapolis County
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Nictaux, NS
Areas Served Annapolis County

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Information The Municipality of the County of Annapolis invites residents and visitors to explore the region. The natural environment provides many cycling experiences to challenge cyclists of all ages and fitness types. 
The roadways making up the route described below are owned by the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, unless otherwise noted.  
All cyclists must observe the rules of the road. 
EASY - A good route for beginners or family outings. 
MODERATE - The next step from an easy ride. Moderate rides are longer and may have more hilly terrain. 
CHALLENGING - This is for the more advanced cyclist who may be used to traveling long distances and on all types of terrain. 
The Meadowvale / Nictaux Falls Loop is rated Moderate to Challenging. 
Route Links: Cloud Lake Wilderness Ride, Springfield Spin 
Dates As weather and road conditions permit.