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Route 2 - Grand Lake and Grand Lake Flowage

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Located In Graywood
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Access: Grand Lake
West Grand Lake Rd
Other Site Locations Access: Grand Lake Flowage
Highway 101
Annapolis Royal
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Information The route consists of two lakes and a connecting stream, which is part of the Nova Scotia Power Lequille Development.  
Sections of Grand Lake have seen extensive cottage development, but the majority of shoreline can offer a very pleasant and secluded paddle, with excellent sand beaches and isolated coves. A dam at the outlet allows NSP to regulate water levels in the lake. 
Grand Lake Flowage was created by NSP, flooding the stillwaters of the Allains River immediately below (NORTH) of Grand Lake, allowing them to divert water via a man-made canal to the Lequille power generating station. The Flowage is not developed, and offers shallow waters, and a varied and convoluted shoreline. 
Some paddlers prefer to paddle the canal, and it offers a pleasant paddle that is normally protected from the winds. The canal route is not part of the canoe guide.  
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