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Route 12 – Corbett and Dalhousie Lakes

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Last Modified: 11 Apr 2019
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Located In West Dalhousie
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Access: Neaves Road
West Dalhousie
Areas Served Annapolis County

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Information This route consists of two lakes that are part of the Nova Scotia Power Nictaux Development. The water levels in each are controlled, and fluctuate with the demand for hydroelectric power. Dalhousie Lake is, in reality, a section of Bloody Creek that has been dammed to form the present lake. 
Water levels in Corbett Lake and Dalhousie Lake can fluctuate dramatically, depending on NSP power generating activity. 
Point of Interest: During an aerial photo survey in 1995, what is known as the "Bloody Creek Structure" (BCS) was identified as a possible impact crater, located within the reservoir of Dalhousie Lake. It was defined through the use of ground-penetrating radar and magnetic surveys. The crater rim is approximately 0.4km in diameter and slightly elliptical, and may be an indication of oblique impact. The relatively shallow depth of the BCS may be the result of significant erosion by glaciation and erosion, or the impact occurring on glacial ice overlying the bedrock. The crated site is under water. 
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