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Route 13 – Paradise Lake

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Last Modified: 11 Apr 2019
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Located In West Dalhousie
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Access: Thorne Road
West Dalhousie
Areas Served Annapolis County

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Information This lake is part of the Nova Scotia Power Nictaux Development, and its water levels fluctuate dramatically with the demands of power generation. It is, however, a beautiful lake dotted with innumerable islands of varying size that can be explored.  
The shoreline is generally rocky, but offers many opportunities for lunch and rest stops. Sandy beaches are rare. Waterfowl are numerous in and around the lake, and hawks can be commonly sighted.  
Winds, even moderate, are of concern on this lake due to its relatively large size, shallow depth, and open areas without natural wind breaks. Caution and attention to weather conditions must be exercised on this lake. 
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