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Route 23 – Mersey River

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Public Bulletin This route is NOT recommended for NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE paddlers. 
Additional access points are available as provided in adjoining route listings (Sandy Bottom, Milford Lakes and Kejimkujik National Park).


Located In Annapolis County
Where To Find Us
Access: Boot Lake from Milford House
Route 8
Milford (Anna Co.)
Other Site Locations Access: Four Mile Run (Mersey River) 
Off Route 8 
North of Maitland Bridge 
Access: Three Mile Run (Mersey River) 
Off Route 8 
Maitland Bridge 
Access: Harry Lake at Mersey River Chalets (Mersey River) 
322 Mersey River Chalets Rd, (Off Route 8) 
Maitland Bridge 
Access: Bridge over the Mersey River (Maitland Bridge) 
Route 8 
Maitland Bridge 
Access: Jakes Landing (Kejimkujik National Park) 
1507 Kejimkujik Main Pkwy 
Maitland Bridge 
Access: Eel Weir Bridge (Kejimkujik National Park) 
Eel Weir Rd, (Off Kejimkujik Main Pkwy) 
Maitland Bridge 
Access: Lows Landing (Lake Rossignol) 
Off Devonshire Rd, (Take Harmony Rd ,or Hibernia Rd to W. Caledonia Rd, off Route 8 to Devonshire Rd) 
Areas Served Annapolis County


Phone 902-665-5010
Contact Debra Ryan, Recreation Manager

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Information This route is NOT recommended for NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE paddlers. 
Portions of Route 23 are also catalogued in this guide as Route 3, Sandy Bottom Lake; Route 4, Milford Lakes; and Route 6, Kejimkujik National Park. 
The Mersey River is a long river stretching nearly the entire width of the Province from north to south. 
The river begins at Sandy Bottom Lake in the Milford Lakes system, and flows south through Kejimkujik National Park, ending on the South Shore at Liverpool. The Mersey River is a traditional route used for generations by the Mi'kmaq when traveling from the Bay of Fundy to the South Shore. 
The Mersey River offers the wilderness traveler the charm and variety of quiet stillwaters, moving water runs, and some large lakes.  
In close proximity to roads for the most part, the route gives the paddler a sense of remoteness, with shorelines hosting majestic stands of second growth, mature hemlock and pine.  
Most of the river is deep enough to navigate most of the year, with some portages. It is advisable, however, to avoid the section between Kempton Lake and Kejimkujik Lake during periods of low water, as this portion can present long stretches of "boney" (exposed rock) riverbed.  
Helmets are recommended if you intend to run rapids. Longer rope is recommended for lining through rougher sections on this river. 
If you plan to paddle through and tent overnight in Kejimkujik National Park, please note that the numbered sites within the park must be reserved. 
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